For business owners that operate a professional service business, I facilitate rapid results in the areas of:

  • Business Development, More Revenue & Growth

  • Systems to get More Clients, Increase Your Fees, and Manage Your Time

  • Personal Fulfilment, Performance & Results

  • Staff Alignment, Engagement & Shared Purpose

  • Mental Wellbeing, Confidence & Resilience

  • Authentic Leadership & Leadership Development

  • Business Management & Growth Structures

Paul Davis

About Me – Paul Davis

In addition to being a member of the International Coach Federation, I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors, an NLP Business Practitioner, Regional President of the Professional Speaking Association, a University approved trainer, a mentor with the Irish Stock Exchange for companies proceeding to Initial Public Offering (IPO), a business mentor for Enterprise Ireland, and a trained facilitator with the Dr Demartini Institute, and have studied a plethora of areas including electrical engineering, computer programming, taxation, human behaviour, and philosophy.

To date, I’ve supported countless organisations, transformed several unprofitable enterprises into multi-million Euro successes, and worked with executives and business owners from around the world.

I’ve worked extensively in many areas – business development, marketing, finance, operations, mergers and acquisitions, scaling businesses, personal fulfilment, maximising mental performance, and leadership, to name but a few, and have held all management positions through to CEO in various industry sectors – service, retail, construction and manufacturing.

I combine my innate intuitive gifts and years of business growth experience to help guide clients to greater results. It’s why clients refer to me as a “game-changer”.

My passion lies in guiding people to their true life purpose; aligning their business to achieve personal fulfilment; and teaching them how to grow their business for maximum reward.

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Business & Personal Mentoring To Help You


Build A Better Life,


A Better Business,


And A Better World

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The Executive Code™

The Executive Code™ is a methodology that I’ve developed over many years of research and working with clients, that aligns you with your purpose and maximises your unique genius potential.

Get Clarity

Identify your passion, your purpose, your Genius Role, your innate Genius Drivers, your true ‘why’, and what will bring you maximum fulfilment and will ignite your unique true authentic genius.

Understand and know your unconscious blueprint, remove self-sabotage and get rid of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ once and for all.

Discover how to increase your confidence, self-worth, and self-belief – more confidence results in a bigger and better business!

Build The Systems

Find the business model that aligns with your Genius Drivers and maximises your success.

Learn how to market your business, get more clients and increase your income – without having to be a sales person!

Build the proven systems within your business so that you have clients coming to you, and avoid the “feast and famine” income cycle.

Implement a better and easier way to succeed so as to have a much better life and business.

Gain The Rewards

Obtain the freedom, recognition and reward, while building a business you love.

Get the meaning and fulfilment you’ve been craving.

Have the tools to dissolve stress, anxiety, and fears, to enable you to live your best life.

Learn how to maintain balance and equilibrium for a more effortless business growth journey.

Have your motivation, belief, passion and joy operating at its maximum.

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