I’m an intuitive mentor, an entrepreneur, a best selling author, an award-winning business growth consultant and international speaker.


I can help you to build a better business, a better life and a better world so that you can live the best and truest expression of yourself in all areas of your life, lead in your field, build your business, and make a real difference.


You will gain more freedom, more recognition and more reward.


It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and get the results you want!

About Me – Paul Davis

Having originally qualified as a Management Accountant, I’ve worked extensively in many areas – personal fulfilment, scaling businesses, maximising mental performance, to name but a few.


I’ve since become a trained facilitator with world-renowned human behaviour and personal development authority, Dr John Demartini. I use my innate intuition and empathy to help guide clients to their best lives.


Former and current clients describe me as a “game-changer” or as a “secret weapon”. My passion lies in guiding people to find their true life purpose and align their business/career to it, and teaching them how to live a happier life of inspiration, fulfilment and reward.


Mentoring To Help You Build A Better Life, A Better Business, And A Better World


The Executive Code™ : The Science & Methodology To Achieve Maximum Personal Impact

The Executive Code™ is a unique programme that I’ve developed based on many years helping clients find their true purpose and improving their business performance.


While most of my clients come to me initially for help with a professional or business issue, I have come to see that working on the personal and the professional simultaneously achieves significantly greater results in business, and a greater sense of wellbeing, fulfilment and happiness overall.

Helping professionals around the world build better lives, better businesses, and a better world.

How The Executive Code™ Mentoring Programme Works

Get clarity on your unique purpose and path

Identify your purpose, your passion, your unique role, your natural genius and your true ‘why’.

Know and correct your subconscious blueprint.

Get rid of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ once and for all.

Achieve maximum success in your business

Find a better and easier way to succeed.

Get your drive, motivation and belief operating at its maximum.

Learn how to market your business, get more clients and increase your income.

Find the business model that aligns with your purpose and maximise your success.

Gain more freedom and fulfilment in all areas of your life

Learn how to dissolve stress, anxiety, and fears, to enable you to live your best life.

Know what will bring you meaning and fulfilment.

Learn how to maintain balance and equilibrium.

Build your courage and confidence and dissolve limiting beliefs.

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Success & Functional Depression

I’ve worked with many business owners and executives that have been on the brink of suicide, especially during the recession. Indeed, I was that high-achieving, successful business person myself. But inside I didn’t feel successful at all. I had regular thoughts of suicide, believing that it was the only way to stop the mental pain I was feeling. I was a highly-functioning depressive for over 40 years, and successfully kept it secret from those around me, even my wife and family. I’m not a doctor. Nor did I study medicine, psychology or any such mental health expertise as a profession. But I know first-hand what it is like to live with depression, suicide ideation, and ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

In 2011, due to a number of life-altering events, I turned my focus to finding the “switch” that would stop me from regularly contemplating suicide as an alternative to living. I did copious amounts of research, and undertook all of the standard supports for depression and suicidal ideation: healthy eating, exercise, meditation, medication – all of it. For me, at least, none of it was sustainable. So I developed my own programme which has kept me healthy and successful for nearly 10 years.

A large – and important – part of my work these days is to help others in their own personal growth journey, especially those who feel lost in life, depressed or suicidal. I do this by teaching them how they can use my programme to reduce, if not eliminate, their own depression and suicidal tendencies, while being on their unique life purpose to freedom and fulfilment.

There is no better person to teach someone how to handle depression and suicide ideation, than someone who has experienced it themselves, and has a programme that has already helped others. (For more about depression, click here).

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