Habits – what makes us or breaks us

Recently I attended an event where the presenter talked about how small changes in our lives can have a tremendous impact down the road. She gave an example with an airplane changing the course with just 5 degrees, saying that you may not notice any difference now or after 10 or 100 kilometers. But after travelling another 1000 km you basically end up in a completely different place.

I thought it was a beautiful metaphor for a very real fact of life.

It made me realise that in this exact same way, even the smallest of habits I’ve built has made a great difference for me.   A few examples:

I started asking my clients “What’s the one thing that could be done better?” – a simple question that has continuously helped me perfect my offering

I forced myself to stop working outside working hours or on the weekends – which has increased my quality of life and forced me to find ways to be more productive when I am working

Whenever I come across people who seem to be having a bad day, I ask “Is everything ok?” – immediately a negative feeling is transformed into feeling powerful because you can help even if simply by listening to the person.

You see, for me it truly is the small things that make a BIG difference.

What habit has made a huge difference for you?


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