What puts you in a state of flow?

I went out for a walk after dinner last night.

It’s not something I do when the weather is so bad, but last night I had the urge to do it. So I did.

About 20 min in, I realised that it felt as if my body was moving on its own – I was in a semi-meditative state while moving. It’s what people call “flow state” – basically doing something without doing.

It was incredibly productive. Without any intention, I had some quite deep realisations and several great ideas. When I came back home, I felt so glad I’d done this. It felt like this was exactly what I needed.

My point – so many times we have the urge to do something but because of our habits or agenda for the day, we ignore these urges as they seem unproductive.

Well, I realised last night that every time I’ve followed this instinct, something good has come out of it. It’s almost as if your psyche knows exactly what you need but your mind chooses to ignore it because it can’t make sense of it.

What puts you in a state of flow?


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