The Right Management for Business Growth

When it comes to business growth, employees leave managers, they don’t leave companies.

I was told this by one of my managers many years ago.  Since then, I have seen nothing that tells me otherwise.  If you have a company where employees report to managers other than you, make sure those managers are reflecting the values of the company in order to succeed at business growth.

One of my colleagues once worked for a company that was named the best company to work for, the two years prior to his arrival.  He lasted eight months.  The benefits were great, pay was good, but the managers he reported to were flakey.  They never gave positive feedback to anyone in their department.  They never let them know how the team were doing.  They constantly created internal systems that caused their clients frustration.

For business growth when you operate your business with passion and from your core values, you need to also let your management staff know, that it is vital they do the same.




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