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Are you passionate about your business/career?

There is a direct correlation between success and passion.

No surprise, right?

If your heart is truly passionate about something, you give it 100%

Success is just the natural result from that.

Here’s what many don’t realise however – you don’t need to be in love with your business. But you DO need to be in love the underlying reason for doing what you do. This IS what enables success.

Example: if you’re a recruiter, you may not like sourcing candidates or doing interviews. But you do need to love helping companies get the best talent; and people – find a job they love.

You can be highly competent in what you do; however, it’s the passionate piece that makes you successful.

If you’re not truly passionate, then you’re passive!

For me it’s advising & helping business owners and executives get to the top of their game.

Every business is multi-faceted which requires various tasks to be done.  The truth is, you can’t possibly love them all.

It’s essential that you love the core of it, the essence, that bigger, deeper reason for doing what you do.

Loving cars in itself won’t make you a successful cars salesperson. You need to love the interaction with people too.

So what part of your business are you passionate about?



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Paul Davis is an acknowledged Executive Confidante & Business Trainer who uses a unique and powerful blend of mentoring, coaching, and consulting, to achieve rapid results in the areas of Business Development & High Results Performance for Business Executives Globally. Contact Paul today to find out how he can help you with your business.


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