Recent Projects

Every client of Davis Business Consultants has increased their net profits as well as their personal wealth substantially after implementing the advice and strategies.

All companies have been turned around from losses to profits in less than six months.

The average Return On Investment for clients has been 10x within the first twelve months of engagement.

Following is a list of recent projects and business turnarounds:

Accountants, Solicitors and Consultants Increase their business……  more info

Manufacturing & Construction Industry Losses of €450,000 turned around to profits of €750,000…   more info

Retail Chain of 60 stores nationwide Losses of €500,000 turned around to profits of €2m…   more info

Small Manufacturing company Losses of €60,000 turned around to profits of €160,000…   more info

Warehousing and distribution company inefficient and not communicating Cashflow improved by €350,000 and profits increased by 27%…   more info

Irish based manufacturer finding it difficult to grow New products and markets developed…   more info

Owner wanting to expand existing, and develop new business Company had its best year ever…   more info

Owner wanting to bring business to the next level Net profits increased by 143%…   more info

Dublin based firm of solicitors Lack of management information…   more info



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