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Business Growth Coaching & Mentoring

Many business owners need support when seeking to grow their business further. They often find themselves trapped in day to day operations and frustrated that they don’t have either the time, knowledge or resources to make the necessary steps to improve their business.

A dedicated business consultant and executive coach can be a major success factor in driving your business to a higher level. This support will provide you the mentorship you need in accessing the critical tools, techniques and processes to make SMEs survive and thrive together with objective advice, feedback and guidance on decisions and plans; at the same time coaching the owner and their team to develop the skills, self belief and personal accountability that is necessary for the business to succeed

To be effective this support may require from 6 months to 1 year involving:

  • Initial assessment of Business Needs & Personal Development Needs (2 to 3 hrs)
  • Development of measurable objectives/outcomes for the business coaching programme
  • 360o Feedback  through facilitated meeting with key staff members
  • Monthly face to face meetings to work on prioritising, problem solving, planning and progressing (1.5 to 2hrs)
  • Email and telephone support between meetings
  • Quarterly review on progress against objectives / revisit strategy & plans

Every business is different and the specific areas a business owner needs support on will vary, however typically the coaching and mentoring support will cover the following to a greater or lesser extent depending on the needs:

Business Analysis

  • Taking stock
  • Diagnostics on health of different aspects of business
  • Assessing the market place & competition & opportunities

Strategic Planning

  • Clarity on what your business does
  • Clarity on where you want the business to be
  • Clarity on Strategies and Objectives/Goals to make this happen
  • Development of clear plans to achieve Objectives / Goals


  • Engaging and Motivating your staff
  • Building your team capability & effectiveness
  • Leadership & team roles
  • More effective meetings


  • Understanding differing personality types and how to influence effectively
  • More effective interaction with your staff and clients
  • Using basic NLP techniques
  • Effective coaching and feedback techniques

Performance & People Management

  • More effective 1:1s with staff
  • Clarity on job definition and role
  • Clearer accountability and responsibility
  • Setting clear expectations and targets
  • Delegating effectively
  • Dealing with difficult issues
  • Development plans
  • More effective total performance management system from induction through to development

Business Efficiencies

  • Continuous Improvement / learning from mistakes
  • Working smarter, not harder
  • Implementing systems to automate processes
  • Implementing procedures
  • Effective financial tools
  • Budgeting / Cashflow / Profitability
  • Creating better and clearer processes
  • Improving and automating systems
  • Improving productivity

Innovation & Re-engineering

  • Avoiding stagnation : challenging old habits and ways
  • Looking at problems and possible solutions differently
  • Customer Value Chain analysis
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Generating new ideas and new services and new ways of doing things
  • Collaborations & Strategic Partnerships

Sales & Marketing

  • Effective selling processes & capabilities
  • Maintaining customer focus & satisfaction
  • Effective Customer Relationship Management
  • Using appropriate marketing tools
  • Creating a sense of value vs pricing

Maintaining Focus

  • Leadership & leading change
  • Keeping track on progress / holding project reviews
  • Prioritisation & Balancing Workload
  • Adapting to changes : flexibility
  • Dealing with crises and upsets to plans

Personal Effectiveness

  • Greater self awareness of strengths and pitfalls
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Managing yourself
  • Developing greater leadership and less task management
  • “Letting go” with confidence
  • Working on and not in business : “less in the trenches and more in the war room”

Some key factors about Paul Davis

  • Is an Executive Business Coach with the Irish Stock Exchange for companies that are preparing for IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  • A Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
  • A Fellow of The Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors
  • Author of “EVOLVE – Look Within Yourself For Business Success
  • Author of “MORE – How You Can Get More Clients, More Fees and More Time
  • Holds a Portfolio of Non-Executive Directorship roles
  • 100% success at business turnarounds
  • Transformed several pan-industry enterprises into multi-million successes
  • Involved in mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships
  • Commercially minded, results driven and actions-oriented

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