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Are you looking to achieve any of these for you or your business?

  • proven systems to attract more quality clients
  • increasingly steady flow of fees or revenue
  • more effective management of your time, clients or projects so that you can have more personal time
  • a more purposeful and fulfilling business for you and your people leading to better results and performance
  • increased resilience, mental fitness, well-being and confidence
  • greater clarity, certainty and focus as to the direction you should go in for yourself and your business
  • a high level of people performance, engagement and results
  • development and succession planning for your future leaders and high-potential people

Business Mentoring, Coaching & Consultancy for Business Professionals… From Solo-Preneurs to Global Companies:

Tech Companies
Small Businesses
Quantity Surveyors
Global Corporations
Service-based Businesses
Professional Services
…and more!

Our Approach & Philosophy

Business & Leadership Development with built-in Personal Development is an intelligent business

We approach all our projects as a partnership and endeavour to treat our clients as we ourselves would like to be treated by being open, honest and dealing with all matters in a fair way.

We are results-focued in all the projects and clients we work with, and use a blended approach of coaching, mentoring and consultancy. With this blended approach, the best results can be achieved in a shorter timeframe.

Our philosophy is simple – to deliver real value to our clients. We provide a planned approach to all projects and keep clients informed at all stages ensuring they are fully briefed and in agreement with next planned steps making sure there are no surprises or hidden costs. With a strong commercial and financial acumen along with a proven track record, we know what it takes to grow and scale a business involving all management levels.

Competitive Advantage

Gain A Competitive Advantage


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Business Growth

Ensure Great Results

We grew the practice sales by €12,000 on average each month, even during a difficult time for any business to grow. The results speak volumes about Pauls’ ability and dedication to help grow our firm.
Jamie O'Hanlon

Managing Director

We have increased our customer base by 25% and have hired two experienced Support Engineers. Paul has been instrumental in providing us with a wealth of knowledge to enable us to move our business to a higher level.
John Coffey

Managing Director

Since we started working with Paul our turnover has increased every year, even in the midst of the worst recession. In our first year alone we got a seven-fold return on our investment with Paul.
Ken Garvey


“If you want somebody who really understands business growth and personal development you have to go to Paul Davis”

~ Leo Maher, CEO – The WOW Inspiring Group

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The best results are achieved by using an holistic approach and working on both the business development and personal development aspects with your people.

This can be achieved with individuals or teams, through group workshops, conferences, in-house training, online training, 1-2-1 personal mentoring by telephone/teams/zoom, company specific change programs, or face-to-face, anywhere in the world, whichever works best for you and your business.

Here are just some of the elements we can work on during our time together:


  • IMPLEMENTING A CLIENT ATTRACTION SYSTEM – Transform your approach to client acquisition, making ideal clients come to you effortlessly.
  • MANAGING THE SALES PROCESS – Skilfully manage potential clients and navigate the sales process to boost your success.
  • MAXIMISING CLIENT VALUE & NEGOTIATING – Discover the five essential questions to maximise client value and negotiate effectively.
  • WINNING PROPOSALS & CONVERTING PROSPECTS – Master the art of closing deals, securing decisions, and creating winning proposals.
  • COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY, PRESENTATIONS, PITCHING & PUBLIC SPEAKING – Master the art of presenting confidently, captivating your audience, and sharing your message.
  • BUILDING RAPPORT & RELATIONSHIPS – Cultivate connections that matter. Acquire simple techniques to quickly establish trust and build lasting rapport.
  • NETWORKING EFFICIENTLY & INCREASING VISIBILITY – Elevate your networking skills and build lasting relationships to enhance your professional presence and influence.
  • BUILDING A SYSTEM FOR STAYING IN TOUCH – Consistently provide value to potential clients, ensuring you’re top-of-mind when they’re ready to purchase.
  • BEING THE “GO TO” PERSON IN YOUR CLIENT WORLD – Stand out and outshine your competition, becoming the trusted authority in your field.
  • NURTURING THE POWER OF TRUST – Harness the three trust-building elements to cultivate high-trust partnerships with your clients.
  • PERFECTING YOUR CLIENT JOURNEY – Map your potential clients’ journey from awareness to delivery. Enhance each touchpoint for a memorable experience.
  • EVOLVING FROM “EXPERT FOR HIRE” TO “HIGH-TRUST ADVISER” – Transition from service provider to valued, trusted advisor, commanding higher fees and attracting profitable clients.
  • DESIGNING YOUR FEE STRUCTURE & SERVICE OFFERINGS – Create a customised fee structure and service portfolio to maximise profitability and client satisfaction.
  • DETERMINING YOUR FINANCIAL & BUSINESS MODEL – Define a robust financial and business model tailored to your goals, ensuring sustainable success.
  • DEVELOPING FINANCIAL ACUITY – Build a deep understanding of your finances, empowering sound decision-making and long-term financial growth.
  • SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION – Streamline your operations and enhance efficiency by successfully implementing tailored systems and processes.
  • GROWING & SCALING YOUR BUSINESS – Discover strategies to expand and scale your business, unlocking new opportunities for growth and market leader position.


  • DISCOVERING YOUR INNATE GENIUS – Unlock your unique genius elements with Paul’s special approach, making success easier and more joyful.
  • LIVING YOUR PURPOSE – Discover your true life purpose with Paul’s unique methodology. Gain clarity and certainty to guide your business in the right direction.
  • MEANING & FULFILLMENT – Discover the keys to finding meaning and fulfilment in your work and personal life, promoting well-being and satisfaction.
  • ALIGNING VALUES & PURPOSE – Align your values and purpose with those of your team to foster a harmonious and purpose-driven work environment.
  • BUILDING SELF-CONFIDENCE & SELF-BELIEF – Confidence is the foundation of success. Learn how to boost self-confidence and reach new heights.
  • REDUCING STRESS, BUILDING RESILIENCE & MENTAL FITNESS – Develop the ability to bounce back from adversity and stay focused on your goals, reducing stress and enhancing mental fitness.
  • AVOIDING BURNOUT & OVERWHELM – Learn strategies to prevent burnout and manage overwhelming workloads, ensuring a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.
  • DEVELOPING A POWERFUL MINDSET, FOCUS & MOTIVATION – Cultivate a resilient mindset, sharpen your focus, and ignite motivation to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.
  • DEVELOPING CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, & INTUITION – Cultivate the skills of creativity, innovation, and intuition to drive growth and adapt to changing business landscapes.


  • ENHANCING TEAM MANAGEMENT – Achieve productivity, motivation, passion, loyalty, and retention by aligning your staff’s priorities with your business goals.
  • DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP SKILLS – Elevate your leadership abilities within your organisation, among peers, or in your professional network.
  • ACHIEVING TEAM ENGAGEMENT – Foster a culture of active participation and commitment within your team to enhance productivity and morale.
  • HANDLING PEOPLE PROBLEMS & CHALLENGING SITUATIONS – Effectively address issues of low performance and poor behaviour, promoting a harmonious and productive work environment.
  • HAVING DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS – Develop the skills to navigate challenging discussions and situations with confidence and professionalism.
  • EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT FOR PROFESSIONALS – Master simple and proven techniques to efficiently manage your time and prioritise business development.
  • MANAGING EFFECTIVE MEETINGS – Learn techniques to lead and participate in meetings efficiently, making them more productive and purposeful.
  • DEPENDABILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY – Instil a culture of reliability, accountability, and responsibility among your team, ensuring consistent performance and outcomes.
  • FUTURE PLANNING & STRATEGIC THINKING – Strategically plan for the future of your business and enhance your ability to think strategically.
  • DEVELOPING COMMERCIAL ACUMEN – Shift your team from being employees to being valued business partners by developing a deeper understanding of the commercial aspects of your role.
  • SUCCESSION PLANNING, PROGRESSION, & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR YOUR HIGH POTENTIAL PEOPLE – Cultivate leadership, develop high-potential talent, and plan for the future of your organisation through effective succession planning and leadership development.
Paul Davis

About Me – Paul Davis

I help business owners and executives get more clients, more fees, more time, more fulfilment, and build a successful purpose-driven business.

I use a blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting, along with a combination of intuition and commercially focused expertise to achieve rapid results for clients.

Often referred to as a “game-changer” and a “life-saver” I’ve transformed countless struggling businesses into multi-million-euro success stories.

Based in Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland, I work with business owners, CEOs, executives, and directors, both nationally and internationally.

Here are some of my credentials…

  • I’m a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (FCMA), and the Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA)
  • A Fellow Member of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors (FIMCA)
  • An award-winning business growth consultant
  • An award-winning professional speaker (PSAI), and past-Regional President for the Professional Speaking Association Ireland & UK
  • Author of several international best-selling books
  • An Executive Coach for the Irish Stock Exchange for companies wanting to go for IPO or large-scale investment
  • An approved trainer and facilitator with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Business Practitioner (NLP)
  • Values Determination & Method Facilitator with the Demartini Institute
  • A trusted confidant, sounding-board and personal adviser to individuals globally
  • Very commercially-minded, gifted-intuitive, results-driven and action-oriented with a passion for delivering rapid results

Some of the recent projects I’ve been involved with…

Accountants, Solicitors and Consultants
274% Increase in fees……  more info
Manufacturing & Construction Industry
Losses of €450,000 turned around to profits of €750,000…   more info
Retail Chain of 60 stores nationwide
Losses of €500,000 turned around to profits of €2m…   more info
Small Manufacturing company
Losses of €60,000 turned around to profits of €160,000…   more info
Warehousing and distribution company
Cashflow improved by €350,000 and profits increased by 27%…   more info
Irish based manufacturer finding it difficult to grow
New products and markets developed…   more info
Owner wanting to expand existing business, and develop new business
Company had its best year ever…   more info
Owner wanting to bring business to the next level
Net profits increased by 143%…   more info

My passion lies in guiding people to their true purpose; aligning their business to achieve personal fulfilment; and teaching them how to grow their business for maximum reward.

Gain more freedom, recognition, joy and reward in your life

Maximise your potential and build a  purpose-driven business

Get the results you want for your business and your people

Typical Return on Your Investment…

  • 274% increase in fees
  • 10x return on your financial investment within the first twelve months alone
  • implementing proven systems to attract more quality clients
  • an increasingly steady flow of fees or revenue
  • more effective management of your time, clients or projects so that you can have more personal time
  • a more purposeful and fulfilling business for you and your people leading to better results and performance
  • increased resilience, mental fitness, well-being and confidence
  • greater clarity, certainty, and focus as to the direction you should go for yourself and your business
  • working far fewer hours and doing what you love
  • a high level of people performance, engagement, and results
  • development and succession planning for your future leaders and high-potential people

or Call now +353 (0)86 810 8548

Paul’s guidance has made a positive life changing experience in business and a personal sense.

Eddie Grace

Managing Director

We would not have a business today if wasn’t for Paul Davis.

Hugh Feighery

Managing Director

With the simple solutions Paul gave me, within ten months I tripled my turnover.

Heidi Sawyer

Business Owner

Helping You Build A Better Business ~ A Better Life ~ And A Better World



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