Can you be vulnerable?

Vulnerability is becoming one of those buzzwords we’re starting to hear more often.

I watched an interview with author Brené Brown and in it, she explains that her 6 years of research on human connection (a critical factor for happiness) showed one consistent differentiator between people who feel connected and those who don’t.

That is, those who feel connected also feel worthy of connection. And one trait that all of these people demonstrate is they are not afraid to show they’ve failed, lost, or made a mistake. In other words – to show vulnerability. They don’t pretend to be a super human all the time.

This reminded me of a time when I was in college. There was a guy who sometimes would hang out with a group of friends I was part of. I didn’t like him at all. I thought he was arrogant, loud and superficial. Until one day I saw him break down in tears. Turns out, his mother was really sick and he had other problems at home too.

Guess what – from then on I saw him in a completely different light and we ended up becoming really good friends. It’s ironic how what makes us weak is also a point of connection with others. I guess because we all feel weak sometimes and it’s something we can resonate with.

What’s your experience?


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