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DON’T Start With Why!

DON’T Start With Why!

Over the past eight years there has been a craze hitting business owners globally. To the point that no matter what business conference you go to, or business coach/consultant you talk to; you get to hear about this craze! The craze? “Start With Why - People don’t buy...

Why listening to your customers is invaluable?

Why listening to your customers is invaluable?

Customers are one of the two main assets of any business. One is your employees who are the face and soul of your business, figuratively speaking. The other are your customers who are your source of revenue, hence the reason you exist as a business in the first place....

The Boomerang Effect

The Boomerang Effect

Customer service is a pretty hot topic and can make or break your business. Consumers have little patience for lousy customer service and easily get tired of waiting in long lines, trying to get a live person on the phone, going through an interrogation to return a...

Business Consultant – Improving Customer Service

Business Consultant: Over the last month I've been keeping close attention to the customer service I've received from different businesses, and it's amazing the lack of service that is available. Even today when businesses are putting great efforts into getting more...

How Many People Do You Trust – Business Coaching

How Many People Do You Trust – Business Coaching

There’s a simple way to answer this for yourself. Choose any aspect of your own business, other than your own specialist expertise. How about your finances, administration, IT, marketing, sales or recruitment? Now ask yourself this question: “If I were going away for three months, who would I unreservedly trust with this part of my business?” Count the number of people you can name – it probably wont take you too long!…

Handling Customer Queries

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. However, once you have their money and provided them with the product or service, do not expect them to go away? They will return with enquiries, questions, problems and, hopefully, other opportunities to develop revenue....

Turning Customers Away – Why?

I'm finding it increasingly strange what some businesses will do to keep customers away. Last Sunday I was with my family in the city centre (all four of us). Being late in the afternoon and with the great weather I fancied a drink. Having sat down outside a bistro we...

Marketing With A Simple Look In The Eye

A couple of days ago I had the unfortunate experience of having to stand in a queue in a local convenience shop to get a couple of things before guests arrived for dinner. I use the word convenience loosely as that's what they're called more so than what they provide...

Discovering Hidden Value

"What we must decide is perhaps how we are valuable, rather than how valuable we are."  (Edgar Z Friedenberg) It may take a moment to digest the full wisdom of this brilliant distinction. However, for businesses in the future, it's not going to be a case of what is...


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