Corporate Social Engagement

Working with your team, HR Manager or CSR Manager to implement a highly integrated social engagement platform.

As an acknowledged business consultant with a passion for corporate philanthropy, our work together is to understand your business inside out and identify the most optimal way for you to get engaged and contribute. This is not simply about writing a cheque to a charity organisation.

The challenges many corporates face with their social engagement strategy can result in:

  • Poor staff engagement levels
  • Sporadic or ad hoc charity events
  • Low level of awareness amongst staff of the charitable activities
  • Non-meaningful social impact or engagement
  • Difficult to recruit and retain staff
  • External communication is seen simply as PR

The strategy that we develop and implement for your company works to address each of these issues, and more. This includes how your company engages with your employees, consumers, and communities to address vital social needs, business objectives and stakeholder expectations.

So how do we work with you?

We work with corporates that genuinely want to give back to society in a meaningful way. Our services include:

Analysis & Planning
We look into your business model specifics and objectives and create a strategy that takes into account the industry you are in, your values, what you stand for, and the way your business works. Understanding your business model, assessing your resources and identifying your philanthropic objectives.

Program Design & Implementation
We develop a strategy that incorporates your social efforts in a meaningful and unique way into all aspects of your business, which results in linking the activities your employees carry out every day to direct real impacts for the chosen worthy cause(s).

The purpose here is to develop a corresponding social impact with the achievements of the business objectives to ensure a long-term social engagement programme.
This means that your staff are engaged on an on-going basis with the social efforts, which results in increased morale and performance.

Worthy Cause Partnership Development
This is to identify the best fit worthy cause for your business and carry out a due diligence process. We continuously expand the network of non-profit organisations that we work with, and depending on your business we source the organisation that is the best fit on all levels to facilitate a true partnership model.

Stakeholder Engagement
The reason we link closely the business activities with the social impact is so that everyone can see the social contribution they are making by the activities they carry out each day in your business. This can also include onsite field days with the worthy cause to see first hand the impact being made by your company and incorporates personal development training.

Worthy Cause Impact Marketing
Our specific communication style is around the social impact, inspiring stories and good news efforts that are being made by your company which everybody can relate to and connect with. We work with both internal and public advertising teams to implement a credible social impact system of communication which is integrated with your corporate communications strategy for all stakeholders including employees, customers, and suppliers.

With the social engagement programme we implement, it is clear to see the direct results your business is making from your social contributions. It is an important part of the programme that we integrate a clearly defined performance assessment framework to measure and evaluate the benefits both for the business, the staff and for the worthy cause. It therefore demonstrates your ROI and tells a compelling corporate social engagement story.

The Benefits of Our Social Engagement Programme:

  • The aspirations for personal fulfilment go beyond making a career. Employees have an ever-growing need to know that their work is meaningful and that it makes a difference. By linking the daily activities of the business with direct impacts of a worthy cause, this personal fulfilment is strengthened.
  • Because of the on-going social engagement programme that is implemented, it gives rise to regular on-going good news stories which can be communicated across all social media and corporate communication channels.
  • Potential employees actively seek out companies that have a strong focus on social impact before they will even consider being part of your organisation. By having a robust social engagement programme you have the advantage of attracting and retaining the best calibre people.
  • It has been proven that by having a system where your people are involved in regular small acts of kindness, it substantially improves morale, mental health, productivity and emotional intelligence.
  • From a charity perspective you are providing them with a regular sustainable income which is based on your business performance which they can then use to best manage their own internal budgets and cash flows.
  • Customers are more and more demanding that the businesses they do business with are both ethical and are making a transparent contribution to society. By being able to communicate the direct impacts your business is making you are building that strong customer loyalty.

Your business can be a force for good and of making a real difference in the lives of others both internal and external to your organisation. It brings meaning and fulfilment to you and your employees when it is done right.

To explore more about how I can help you design and implement a social engagement programme for your organisation simply email me at or give me a call on 086-810 8548 and I’ll be delighted to discuss your philanthropic endeavours.

I’d welcome an opportunity to work with you to advance your philanthropic endeavours to an even greater level in the immediate future.

Let’s talk soon!



Paul Davis

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