Do you feel like you’re always chasing clients?

Do you feel like you’re always chasing clients?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You find yourself in a quiet period of work. So you spend most of your time towards marketing activities. Business starts coming in and you get busy, so the marketing effort stops. Gradually demand starts subsiding again, and you’re now back to square one.

Sound familiar?

That’s the story of almost every professional service provider, I hear you.  The constant “feast and famine” cycle.

Here’s one reason why this happens – You don’t have a niche market.

This is a fundamental problem because:

  • If you try to be everything for everyone, you are also competing against everyone. And that’s physically impossible.
  • You don’t have time to develop in-depth knowledge of multiple industries to truly understand their needs and struggles.
  • You can’t become known for anything specific.

A lot of professionals worry that being too focused will eliminate potential business prospects. However, you don’t need to turn everybody away.

You do, however, need to identify where your knowledge and passion cross, and focus your attention there.

That’s how you build a reputation and that’s how you have clients seek you out rather than chasing business.

So what is your niche market?


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