Do you hate marketing?

Unless you are a Marketing Specialist and are actually passionate about it, chances are you don’t like it. Marketing requires a system of effort in order to keep up a steady revenue stream.

But it doesn’t need to be painful. Many dislike it because they fail to measure the return on their investment and feel as though all this effort and money is wasted. But what if you knew, for a fact, that every exposure brings in X number of clients?

Here’s my advice:

– Have more than one marketing channel and set them up so they don’t require a lot of effort

– Don’t shoot in the dark. Where is your niche market – do they belong to an association; do they attend specific events? Reach them there.

– Pick the best platform (to showcase your business) – i.e. if you are a wedding planner having a LinkedIn account may be useful but as your business is very visual, your effort should be geared towards platforms such as Instagram.

– Don’t push, pull – invite selected people to events / give free lectures. Offer something of value – it pays back


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