Negative feedback – why it could be a blessing

I fear negative feedback.

Have you heard that before?

Chances are – not often. Not from other people anyway, we don’t like to admit that feedback scares us as it could be hurtful. Surely you’ve heard it from yourself though, even if not clearly articulated.

The fear of feedback is what impedes many business owners and especially service providers from actively seeking it.

But the thing is, feedback is necessary if you want to grow. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – feedback offers a tremendous opportunity to improve your offering. It could also be a source of new ideas & streams of revenue.

Depending on your business, here are a few easy ways to facilitate feedback:

• Feedback form – put it up on your website. Make sure it’s short and simple and only clients have access to it

• Call – after you’ve finished a project or every few months (if an ongoing job), have a quick chat with your client and see what they wish was done a bit better

• Email – email your client asking for feedback. To increase your chances of receiving an answer don’t include more than 3 simple questions.

Feedback is not only valuable to you, it is also a sign you care, so don’t shy away – look at it as nothing but a tool for improvement & learn to leave emotions out of it.


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