Beyond business growth …

You’re dynamic, successful, innovative and a big thinker, but yet no matter how much success you achieve, you know deep down you want to achieve something more fulfilling and rewarding.

You’re disturbed by seeing areas in society that need radical improvement, and you want to play a part in making a change.

You want to be more involved in making a difference than simply just sending a cheque to a good cause?

You feel there’s more you could be doing?

You look around at what you have built so far with your business but you still don’t feel fulfilled?

What if you could run your business as well as make a significant difference in the lives of other people less fortunate?

What if, through your business you were able to have everybody ‘on board’ see what you see and to want to realise something greater – your staff, your customers, your suppliers?

Something bigger that would result in you building a legacy of making a difference with your business, for something that you feel passionate about.

This is not about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is about doing what you feel is right and what you are passionate about. It’s about incorporating making a difference for a worthy cause completely into all aspects and activities of your business in a unique way, so that your people begin to connect with others on a much deeper level.

There are many ways in which this can be achieved and how you can innovatively incorporate it into your business and make it fun and dynamic – for you and your staff.

This all starts with what I call “Your Personal Philanthropic Discovery” where we work together to discover a good cause that you are completely passionate about supporting, the reasons why you want to support that cause, and to work through how we can incorporate it into your business in a unique way.

Once we have this completed, I then assist you with implementing the plan into your business, with your staff, your customers and your suppliers. It can be as extensive or as brief as you wish. But I’ll be there to support you, guide you and be your personal philanthropic mentor and confidant along the way.

The benefits go without saying –

  • You’ll feel much more fulfilled and happier knowing that you’re making a real difference
  • You’ll get to witness first-hand the direct impact you’ll be making
  • Your staff will be a lot more motivated and will want to be part of your organisation
  • Your customers will be more loyal as they too will be involved in making a difference, and you will be able to stand out from your competition
  • Your organisation will stand for something much greater by being a business that is doing good, and driven by a purpose much greater than the products or services you provide
  • You’ll be building a legacy that people will remember and you will be affecting the lives of so many others simply by doing what you’re doing

So if you’ve been asking yourself questions like “what can I do to make a difference” or you have a feeling that you want to do more, then…

… let us have an exploratory conversation in complete confidence where we can share thoughts on how all this can be achieved, and I can draw on decades of ‘hands-on’ experience and examples to answer any questions you may have.

Send me a quick email to and let me know when, and how best, I can contact you and I will respond to you very quickly.

I’d welcome an opportunity to work with you to advance your philanthropic endeavours to an even greater level in the immediate future.

Let’s talk soon!



Paul Davis


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