Welcome to The Bucket List Mastermind Group

Come and join a unique community of entrepreneurs, executives and business owners and push your limits, live life fully and get to a higher level of freedom, recognition and reward.

Unlike all other mastermind groups, this Bucket List Mastermind Group is mentoring, coaching, consulting, teaching and masterminding all wrapped into one unique programme which is designed to help you achieve extraordinary results. All whilst having the benefit of partaking in the many experiences found on people’s bucket lists.

This is a community of like-minded people who want to learn and support each other to reach new heights in terms of accomplishments, whilst also experiencing life fully and enjoying the good things.

Imagine being part of a family of your peers who are hungry to achieve the higher results that they know deep down they are capable of achieving, but just don’t have the knowledge or support of others outside this group to show and encourage them what to do; and more importantly, how to do it. 

All the guidance and support you need is right here through a myriad of ways to suit you, and with a curriculum that will steadily get you reaching your highest potential, whether it be in your business or career.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then read on and learn how this unique community of high achievers is here to help you achieve what you want.

Firstly, what is a typical Mastermind Group?

A business mastermind group consists of peers who are committed to growing personally and professionally. 

Mastermind groups meet monthly either virtually or face-to-face, with the aim of leveraging the power of others, and with the understanding that many minds are better than one.

Members want to achieve greater results; faster, and they understand that mastermind groups are the best medium to obtain this. 

As Napoleon Hill put it in his book Think And Grow Rich:

“First of all, it is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence, and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.”

By being part of a mastermind group, you will no longer feel alone!

This is what our Bucket List Mastermind Group is about…

Paul Davis has been running mastermind groups of all different types and formats for many years, and it never ceases to amaze the difference it makes for the people involved; both from a business and a personal perspective.

Combining his passion for mastermind groups, teaching and advising, and celebrating the many bucket list experiences with like-minded people; he has created the ultimate personal transformation and business growth programme, specifically for business owners and executives around the world.

Our Bucket List Mastermind Group is about helping you grow your business, and getting you to greater levels of success, whilst having some fun experiences along the way.

We do this by giving you the strategies, tools, techniques, resources and learning to structure your business and grow it exponentially. We also know that this cannot be achieved without removing the many mental and emotional blockages that people have which prevents them from reaching their highest potential.

That’s why we combine business growth strategies with personal empowerment strategies. As well as being able to be part of amazing bucket list experiences.

Have a look below of what this mastermind group includes…

Virtual Monthly Masterminding

All the monthly mastermind meetings are held virtually over Zoom, saving you travel time, costs and lost productivity. You can access the mastermind meetings from wherever you are in the world. 

Each meeting is a facilitated 2 to 3 hours of masterminding and questions & answers.

The purpose of the masterminding is for each individual to raise an item that they would like help, support, ideas, guidance or answers, from the rest of the members in the mastermind. Thereby each person leaves the meeting with an action plan for their most pressing issue, and the accountability of the group to drive them further.

Places are limited for each mastermind group so as to ensure all members get to partake and benefit fully. 

Private Business Accelerator Strategy Session

When you initially join our mastermind group, you will have a private 90-minute session with Paul Davis. This is where you will go through an in-depth background of your business or career, detail where you want to bring your business or career to, and the strategies of how you’re going to achieve your goals.

You will formulate a road map/plan for the coming months to overcome the areas of constraint and have a path for bringing your business or career to the next level.

This strategy session is where you will get an outline for the steps you will be taking and what your business or career will look like in the future.

This will give you real clarity and will bring your vision for your business or career within immediate reach. You will then use this plan during the coming mastermind meetings to keep you on track to achieve your targets.

Monthly Strategy Booklets

Each month you will receive a strategy booklet direct to your inbox. Each of these strategies are connected to each other and are designed to guide and help you to implement the systems into your business/carrer and personal life.

These systems will take you from “selling your time for money” to being a highly sought after “high trust advisor”, and to remove you from the common “feast and famine” income cycle, as well as have you reaching higher levels of performance and results.

Direct Access to Your Mentor

There will be times throughout the months that you will have questions, and which you need a quick response in order to move forward.

As a member of our mastermind group you will also have direct access to Paul Davis on an ad-hoc basis by phone or email when needed to answer your questions.

This has proved invaluable for members as it gets them progressing and achieving results rapidly.

Private LinkedIn Group

As a member of our mastermind group you also have access to an online private LinkedIn group, and are able to tap into the wider community of other members for additional resources, discussions, information, support, accountability, ask questions, and to have some fun too!

Shortcuts & Cheat Sheets

As a member you have access to all the shortcuts and cheat sheets Paul can provide you with.

It has taken Paul years of trial and error trying out suppliers, tools and resources that were very costly and many of which didn’t work; to narrow down his essential list of those that do.

Whatever you want to do in your business or career, there is already someone in the world that knows how best to do it; at a price that is affordable to you. This will fast-track your success and save you a lot of money!

3 x Physical Books Signed by the Author

When you join our mastermind group, you will receive a physical, signed copy of all Paul Davis’s published books, all of which reached best-seller status:

  1. EVOLVE – Look Within Yourself For Business Success
  2. MORE – How You Can Get More Clients, More Fees, And More Time
  3. Better Business, Better Life, Better World

There is a wealth of valuable information contained in these books, and many people use these as reference books that they come back to time and time again.

Virtual Monthly Learning

The monthly learning is delivered virtually over Zoom, saving you travel time, costs and lost productivity. You can access the learning meetings from wherever you are in the world. 

Each learning meeting allows for questions & answers so that you can adapt the learning specific to yourself and your business.

You will learn the proven strategies when it comes to business development and personal empowerment, allowing you to build the systems within your own business.

Individual Hot-Seats

These individual hot-seats allow you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the group and to do a deeper dive into your business or career, your long-term strategy and plans; and then have your peers focus on you, what you want to achieve and how best to do that.

Online Training

You also have direct access to the online video training programme “MORE – How You Can Get More Clients, More Fees And More Time”. 

This online training includes 19 modules, along with the workbook exercises, examples, templates, and business development resources. 

Each training module includes video, audio, and transcript so that you can learn the material in a format that suits you. It is as if Paul Davis is there with you, teaching you exactly what you need to do, to implement a system of getting more clients, increasing your fees, and managing your time more effectively.

Also included is all the behind-the-scenes, so that you can learn most importantly why and how to do each and every step. 

Ask yourself this question – What is the value of getting one new client worth to you? 

Well with this online training, you will be able to build a system that consistently brings in new clients to your business.

This online training sells for €997. And you get it included as part of your mastermind group membership.

Resources & Templates

You will have full access to a vault of business tools, guides, resources, and templates which are contained in the private member’s area of the website where you can download as you see fit.

Imagine being able to “cut & paste” wording for emails that get amazing results, or how best to structure your proposals with examples so that you increase your conversion rate immediately.

Also as a mastermind member, you can request for particular resources to be put together, and if those resources would be suitable for other members, we will then create those resources for you and make them available to everybody in the mastermind group.

You and other members can also share your own resources thereby getting access to a wealth of knowledge and speeding up your productivity.

Personal Self-Assessment

This personal self-assessment tool is one which clients complete year after year.

It determines where you are in all areas of your business or career, and when completed gives you a percentage score for each area.

You will then know how well you’re doing in comparison to best practice and what areas you need to focus on. It is invaluable to know the specific areas you need to focus on as it speeds up your development.

eBooks to Download

There are a number of eBooks that Paul has accumulated and also created over the years. As a mastermind group member, you will have full access to all these eBooks. Included in this list of eBooks are:

  • The Top 100 Tips For Staff Management
  • The Top 100 Tips For Business Turnarounds
  • The Top 100 Tips For Key Business Tools
  • The Top 100 Tips To Achieve More
  • The Top 100 Tips To Find More Time
  • The 7 Big Mistakes In Business
  • LinkedIn For Executives
Co-Author & Publish Your Own Book

As everyone knows, in order to become a key person of influence, you must have a published book.

And while many people have at least one book inside them, the vast majority remain an idea.

To date, Paul has 3 published books to his name, all of which reached best-seller status, with one of them being a Number 1 International Best-seller.

As part of our mastermind group you will have the option to be a co-author. This means that you will only have to write one chapter for the completed book.

All the editing and publishing will be done for you, and you will receive physical copies of the finished book for you to use to generate passive income, as a platform to get speaking opportunities at conferences, or interviews in printed media, radio or TV.

Using Paul’s unique strategy and template for authoring books, the whole process will be made simple for you, and you will have a published book.

Plus Get to Attend the Live Bucket List Mastermind Events!

These unique live events are not like any other event, training or retreat you have ever attended

Over a period of 4 to 5 days, in desirable locations around the world, you will not only meet your masterminding peers face-to-face, but you will also obtain exclusive training, masterminding, and get to break through some of the limitations that are holding you back. 

As well as all that, you will also get to see some of the amazing locations, and experience what many people have on their bucket list, but keep putting it on the long finger!

Due to the limited numbers of attendees allowed at these events, seats are allocated on a first-come basis.

All members are entitled to one ticket to a live event per year. If you wish to attend multiple live events, special discounted rates will be available.

All expenses, full-board and accommodation are included in the membership fee. Personal insurance and flights are excluded. 

This is a powerful transformative event, both personally and for business.

Bucket List Locations & Activities

Many people have items on their bucket list which remain unattained because they either don’t have like-minded people to experience them with, or they keep putting those experiences off on the long finger!

Here we believe whole-heartedly that we’re all here to live and experience an amazing life.

As part of this Bucket List Mastermind Group, we host carefully curated, small-group bucket list experiences to bring together entrepreneurs that are driven to achieve more.

We arrange incredible experiences, in spectacular places, with the right people. Then we mix in lots of learning, masterminding, facilitated personal breakthroughs; while giving you the opportunity to connect deeply with other like-minded people to push your limits, build your network and think bigger.

Exclusive Learning

During the Bucket List Mastermind Group live event, there are multiple opportunities for learning. Scheduled workshops, specially curated talks, to informal chats in the lounge, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn from others and share your own wisdom.

The workshops will cover exclusive learning which is not covered during the mastermind meetings. 

Live Masterminding

It can be lonely as a business owner. Especially when you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off that truly gets what it’s like to be a business owner, in a confidential and non-judgemental way.

Over the course of the event days, specially crafted masterminding will take place where you will come face-to-face with other business owners and business leaders.

This allows you to discuss the barriers and constraints in your business, and receive the advice needed to achieve your goals. We work with you to determine a plan that will help you solve problems, discuss strategy, create partnerships, identify flaws, leverage and collaborate with others, and take action towards growth and improvement. 

It’s also a chance to meet, in person, the other members of your virtual mastermind group meetings.

Personal Breakthroughs & Transformation

There are many things that hold people back from achieving what they want.

Over the course of the live bucket list event, you will get to break through many of the mental and emotional things that hold you back. Whether it be fear, shame, guilt, resentment or not having clarity; we will be there to help members dissolve these significant energy drainers and self-sabotaging negative patterns that people play out in their lives. 

This will also help you to break through your virtual glass ceiling, limiting beliefs and give you the ability to reach new levels of results.

This is truly a personal transformative experience (without having to go through the breakdowns!) that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Once you have cleared your emotional and mental baggage, you will take a quantum leap in your personal growth, resulting in you playing a bigger game and achieving bigger results.

Deeper Connections

At the heart of a Bucket List Mastermind Experience, is the connection.

The ability to connect with like-minded business owners on a much deeper level. When you’re sharing experiences together or helping each other to overcome challenges, you’ll connect in a way that cannot be achieved in any conference room.

These connections will last for years and will be a constant source of support and encouragement for you.

Work ON your business with like-minded people

  • Obtain invaluable ideas, feedback, insights and support on a more deeper and personal level, not only from your mentor, but also from other business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Leave each mastermind meeting feeling more confident, energised, and with a plan of action for your business.

  • Develop collaborative relationships with others, share business, and gain amazing support from your peers.

  • Be part of a strong business and knowledge network that can help you when you need it.

  • Benefit from the invaluable support and accountability from others.

  • Learn from other like-minded individuals, know that you’re no longer alone, and that others experience similar challenges to you.  

  • Receive the encouragement and empowerment for you to stretch and grow and achieve greater results, opportunities and experiences; faster.

  • Enjoy the benefits of this virtual mastermind group saving you time, travel costs and lost productivity. 

  • Access the mastermind group meetings, training and resources from wherever you are in the world, live or recorded.

  • Receive help from others to identify solutions to the challenges you face as you grow.

  • Achieve greater success; reach your highest potential and experience life on a whole new level.

Here’s what you will learn by being part of our Bucket List Mastermind Group…

Business Development

By implementing the business systems, clients have achieved an increase in their fee income by an average of 274% (independently surveyed).

Personal Empowerment

By implementing the personal empowerment systems, clients have achieved an increase in their productivity by 26% (independently surveyed), as well as increased confidence, well-being, reward, recognition, freedom and personal achievements.

Time Management

The simple and proven techniques that will help you to manage your time effectively so that you can get each dimension of what you need to do, done, and prevent you from going into overwhelm. By tackling this element, you get to free up the time to allow for further development, and to work on your business or career.

Building Rapport

We know that business is generally done with people we like and trust. Here you will learn simple techniques you can implement immediately so as to quickly build rapport with people that you meet.

Winning More Clients

Imbed the proven system that delivers new clients to your business and avoid the “feast and famine” income cycle. Know how to laser focus your efforts and find a “blue ocean” of potential ideal clients, and know how best to structure your marketing collateral in a way that gets the attention of your target clients; from your 60-second elevator pitch through to your website.

Value Conversations & Increasing Your Fee Income

Learn the five questions that you need to ask when engaging with a potential, new or existing client so as to derive the maximum value in the eyes of the client. And learn how to structure and manage your client meetings so as to move you from being a “seller” to being a “trusted advisor”.

Pitching, Presenting & Presentations

What you need to know when making a presentation, how to present successfully or pitch for new business. Learn to avoid the common mistakes that the majority of service professionals make.

Winning Proposals & Converting Prospects

There is a specific layout for proposals, where each element has been tested, so as to deliver maximum conversion and results. Without this structure you’re losing business. Learn how to close the sale, get a decision from the client and structure your proposals in such a way as to win the business. 

Maximising LinkedIn & Your Website

Learn all the elements you need, and how best to word and structure your LinkedIn profile and Website. Learn the behind-the-scenes techniques and strategies which will deliver you new clients consistently. And more importantly, know what NOT to do so as to make sure you’re not penalised by LinkedIn and Google – so many people don’t know this information and therefore get penalised without them even realising it.

Managing the Sales Process

Learn how to follow up with potential clients in a business-like manner while understanding the sales process that each client goes through. You will also receive tried and tested scripts, methods and email templates to use that will deliver maximum results.

Implementing a Client Attraction System

Develop what Paul calls “Birdseed” – where clients come to you instead of you having to chase them, specific for your business. You will also receive samples, templates and the structure which ensures you can create your own client attraction system quickly and easily, and which delivers results. 

Effective Networking

Not only can you make networking enjoyable, but learn how to network effectively; build long lasting relationships and the techniques for “working the room”.

Building a System of Staying in Touch

Learn how to deliver value to your potential clients on a regular basis so that they keep you top of mind for when they are ready to buy.

Living at the Centre of Your Client World

Learn how you can stand out from the crowd, your peers and your competition, and become that “go-to” person. Learn to leverage your network and delegate to others to do the prospecting for you.

Perfecting the Client Journey

Learn how to map out the journey your potential clients take, from the point of awareness through to being a client, and how you can improve each touchpoint on that journey so as to make your client’s experience exceptional and memorable. In this way you will turn your clients into being raving fans for your business.

Great Referrals & Amazing Testimonials

All businesses can thrive by getting referrals and which are supported by the social proof of testimonials. However many professionals either don’t have a system for getting referrals and testimonials, and many that do, do it in completely the wrong way.

Nurturing the Power of Trust

By knowing the three elements that build trust, you can make sure you get to being that high-trust partner relationship that all your clients, colleagues and management want. Resulting in you achieving higher career status, remuneration or higher fees.

Public Speaking

Paul Davis is an award-winning professional public speaker. Learn these life-long skills for when you need to give a talk to a public arena, and know how to structure your talk, present and own the stage.

Evolving to High-Trust Advisor & Influencer

Evolve from being the “Expert For Hire” to becoming the “High-Trust Advisor” – know how to make the transition from being simply a professional providing a service, to becoming the valued and coveted position of being the highly trusted advisor and influencer for your clients, enabling you to earn higher fees and easily win more profitable clients.

Your Unique Personal Internal Priorities

Each person has a unique set of internal priorities. By finding the evidence and knowing what these internal priorities are for you, will have you performing at an exceptional level and will give you clarity for when you have important decisions to make in your business or career; and will help you to avoid conflict, build your self-esteem and gain more fulfilment.

Authentic Leadership & Your Intrinsic Roles

By looking at the subconscious evidence and determining the unique magnetic role which you have played throughout your life to-date; and combining this with your unique internal set of priorities, you will learn how to maximise these elements so that you are living a more true and authentic you. This will bring out the best in your performance, your inspiration and connections with others as a leader.

Building Self-Confidence, Self-Belief & Self-Worth

Confidence is one of the bedrocks of performance and success. Without it, you fail to reach the levels of success you desire. Know how you can easily build your self-confidence and achieve new heights of success.

Developing a Powerful Mindset, Focus, & Motivation

We all know that our mind controls the results we achieve, and our emotions control our behaviours. So learn the strategies to maximise this knowledge to gain what you want from your career or business. 

Master Your Communication

The words that we use are very powerful. Understand the three areas of communication that you need to master in order to maximise your success and ability to influence others. For many people that don’t master these areas, they end up suffering from “Imposter Syndrome” i.e. they feel like a fraud. Your clients will pick up on this as you will come across as being incongruent with your true self. 

Building Resilience & Improving Your Mental Wellbeing

Know the elements that will help you to bounce back from adversity quickly and be able to keep focused on what you want to achieve in your career, business and in your life. Your mental wellbeing is paramount for your success.

Eliminating Procrastination

Learn how to prioritise what you need to do to achieve your objectives, and then how to re-wire your mind so as to be able to carry out all the tasks that need to be done in order to fast-track your achievement and eliminate putting things off.

Thinking Commercially & Strategically

Learn how to see the bigger picture, understand all sides of situations, think objectively and be able to steer your business or career for the longer term higher gains. Learn a simple technique that will help you make better decisions in the most complex scenarios, either for yourself or with your team.

Achieving Your Goals

Many people set goals, and those that do often don’t achieve them. There is a fundamental reason why people don’t achieve their goals. Learn how to set goals that make them congruent with your internal priorities and be able to achieve them more rapidly. 

Your Competence Journey

Every human being follows a “competence journey”, of which there are four stages. Some people give up at stage 2. Know what you need to do in order to break through and get to your highest level.

Identifying & Eliminating Your Self-Sabotaging Patterns

People play out several subconscious self-sabotaging negative patterns. They then end up feeling that they’re going around in circles or keep coming up against the same problems time and time again. Learn how to identify these negative patterns and then eliminate them.

Dissolving Resentment

We all carry varying levels of resentment towards other people, circumstances or situations, from hatred, to anger through to discontent. All of these emotions cloud our judgement and drain our energy. Learn how to dissolve these negative energies from your life.

Dissolving Fear, Shame & Guilt

We all have different levels of fear, shame and guilt which we keep hidden and to ourselves. Ask yourself these questions – if a negative article was to be written about you and appear on the front page of the national newspaper which accused you; what would you most fear others finding out? what would you be most ashamed of? what would you feel the most guilt about of your actions or decisions? These negative emotions will remain concealed to you and will hold you back from achieving the success that you desire. Learn how to identify and dissolve them so that you can break free from their hold.

Understanding Cause & Effect

Have you ever noticed that in a depressed economy some people still manage to succeed while you or others struggle? Learn the Universal Laws which control everything in life, how your perceptions and actions deliver the results that show up, and more importantly how you can take control.

Altering Perceptions & Influencing Others

The Universal Law of Duality and Complimentary Opposites shows that there are always two sides. Our own and other people perceptions are generally biased towards one side – positive or negative. True leadership sees both sides simultaneously. By understanding this universal law and how to see both sides for every situation, it will allow you to be more objective, make better decisions, influence others, and fast-track your success. 

The Pendulum of Life

Paul uses the analogy of a pendulum when describing how we all navigate through life. Learn the different aspects of the “Pendulum of Life” and you will be able to reach higher levels of success much faster, and with less stress.

Developing Your Creativity & Innovation

Learn the key strategies that will make you more creative in terms of ideas and innovation for your career or business. In this way you will stand out from the crowd in terms of how you do business and become a leader in your field.


And you will be making a real difference in other people’s lives also…

When you become a member of our Bucket List Mastermind Group, you will be automatically providing one year of business coaching to 12 women in Malawi to help grow their businesses and lift their families from the cycle of poverty. This on-going training is essential in imparting relevant skills such as financial literacy to ensure that their businesses are sustainable and profitable in the long run, allowing them to contribute to the livelihood of their families. Their lives will be infinitely better as a direct result.

Are you ready to achieve more?

Are you ready to break through your own glass ceiling, go beyond your limitations, get solutions and support from others, and achieve greater results?

This Mastermind Group is for you if you…

  • Know deep inside you that you’re here to achieve greater things

  • Enjoy experiencing the good things in life and don’t want to settle for less

  • Have many items on your bucket list yet to tick off

  • Like collaborating with others to achieve greater things

  • Are positive, enthusiastic and want a lot more fun in your life

  • Want to be around “real and authentic” people and having deeper conversations

  • Want to live life fully, grow and develop personally and professionally

  • Want to learn the proven strategies that will help you with your business

  • Desire more clarity, focus and confidence

  • Want to expand your network and develop long-lasting business relationships

  • Want to fast-track your success

  • Enjoy helping and encouraging others to achieve and become better

  • Willing to learn from your peers, or

  • Are ready to invest in yourself and your business and can commit to being part of this unique community to achieve far greater things in your life

Which Mastermind Group is for you?

In order for you to be among your peers, there are 3 mastermind groups to choose from.

Each group has a small limited number of members so as to maximise the benefits for each person.

Members can be from different countries and speak English as their primary language.

Solo-Preneurs & Small Businesses

Medium Sized Businesses

Directors & Executives

This group is ideal for business owners of small businesses, solo-preneurs or professional service practitioners who have been running their business for a number of years and are now ready to bring their business to a much higher level. 

This group is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, directors or partners of medium to large sized businesses, who are faced with the challenges of size and growth, and want to learn from others experiencing similar difficulties whether it be leadership, large-scale funding, entering new markets, or innovation.

This group is ideal for directors, senior managers, partners, emerging leaders, or C-Suite executives who want to deliver better results for their company and progress much faster on their career path.

Two options exist for this particular mastermind format  1) where members are from multiple corporations, and 2) where all members are from one corporate.


See what other members say…

“Amazing for people responsible for winning new business and developing client relationships”

“This programme excels with regard to Personal Development”

“Paul was able to adapt to individual requirements and therefore the benefits are very individualised”

“A unique and considered approach to growing a network that leads to greater revenue”

“Contains life-long skills that can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day work”

“Every company would benefit from this programme”

“The business development skills learned generate amazing results”

“Paul is very approachable and willing to answer any questions even if they do not relate to the topic of that session”

“The time management training frees up so much, allows focus and the ability to work on greater things”

“An amazing increase in work efficiency”

“Found Paul really engaging and willing to discuss all topics which I raised”

“The material and resources on the website are very useful”

“Would have preferred the benefit of Paul’s coaching and mentoring earlier in my career!”

“Paul is a pleasure to work with”

“High confidence building and higher job performance”

“Sound, structured advice”

“Paul has a unique disposition for carrying out this role. His ability is beyond mere text books and could get to the heart of the matter very expeditiously and effectively”

We are now accepting applications for new groups starting in Quarter 4, 2019

Ask about our early-bird rates!

We want to ensure that each mastermind group has the right people, and that it is the right fit for everyone involved. 

To achieve this we have an application process. 


The application process:

Step 1 – Complete the application form online. See link below.

Step 2 – Set up a day and time that suits you to have an initial call. You will get direct access to our online calendar at the end of your form submission.

Step 3 – During this initial call we will discuss what you want to achieve from the mastermind group as well as answer any questions you might have.

Step 4 – We select the group that is best suited to you, and we arrange your Private Business Accelerator Strategy Session to kick-start your progress.


Do you have any questions or want to determine if this mastermind group is right for you?

Let’s chat to explore how this mastermind group can benefit you!

You can email me at paul@davisbusinessconsultants.com or contact me on +353-86-8108548


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