Turning Customers Away – Why?

I’m finding it increasingly strange what some businesses will do to keep customers away.

Last Sunday I was with my family in the city centre (all four of us). Being late in the afternoon and with the great weather I fancied a drink. Having sat down outside a bistro we were told they were only serving meals to customers and we would have to leave. As the girl said this, I took a look around the rest of the tables to see there was nobody else in the bistro.

So I decided to play a game – I ordered drinks and just deserts to see what they would do. All the time I was there, I observed other customers coming, and then been cordially sent away, while the staff had no work to do – Bizarre?

Now I accept that when a bistro or restaurant is full; then you only want customers that will be eating. But when a restaurant is empty and past lunch time, rules need to change. How much is been lost each hour, each day, each year by customers been turned away – and will those customers be back?

After all, a dripping tap will still fill the bucket!

Where might you be losing customers without realising it?

And how quickly can you reac to changes in customer needs and wants?



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