Years ago I was working with a lady who ran a garden centre. I asked her to do a simple exercise – take her car down the road with her “client’s hat” on and take notice of what her clients see. She noticed a few things:

  • There was no signage on the main road so it was difficult to find the centre
  • The trees on the approach were not the most appealing
  • The first thing she saw as she parked her car was a stack of fertiliser

What she did essentially was, she took the so-called “client’s journey”. A client’s experience with our business is important for obvious reasons. However, as we operate from our own perspective, we are often unaware of what that feels like for our clients.

Impressions are everything.

Why not try this yourself?

Here’s what to look at:

  • What is your website like (Is it up-to-date in terms of appearance? Does it answer the questions of a prospective client, etc.)?
  • How quickly to do reply to enquiries?
  • What do clients see when they come to your office (everything, down to the pens you use)?
  • What do clients hear when they call (how professional / helpful are your staff on the phone)?

I guarantee, you will learn loads from a simple exercise like this one and probably end up changing quite a bit.

Remember, perception is reality.

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