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This year so far I have taken over 30 flights to and from a multitude of airports, and I’ve often wondered why are industrial roofs not used to advertise and create passive income?

Imagine this for yourself – you’re coming into land at an airport and as the aircraft makes its approach you see all the industrial units in the landscape.

The vast majority of industrial units are single-story flat roof buildings. Yet the owners of the buildings don’t use the roof as advertising space, and in turn create a passive income.

And can you imagine the amazing creative ideas that big brands could come up with, either with just one roof or with multiple roofs.

The cost would be minimal with the use of self-adhesive vinyl and easily applied and changed. So that’s not a prohibitor. And once it doesn’t distract pilots with glare or lights then from a planning standpoint there shouldn’t be an issue. Perhaps it’s just that nobody has thought about it … yet!

By end 2018 in excess of 30million passengers will travel through Dublin airport alone.

Can you imagine the volume of passengers travelling through all airports globally?


What else can you think of to create a passive income?

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