Your Authentic Self

How do we become our authentic self, and what is it that gets us operating from the executive centre part of the brain more consistently and more sustainably?

And what is it that helps bring our life pendulum into equilibrium more easily?

Well, let’s go back to the Greek philosophers.

Aristotle referred to the fact that each individual has an inner desire to fill what is empty in their life. What is most void in our life.

We seek to fill what is empty. We seek to fill our voids.

The voids which are most empty in our life, we will want to fill the most. In other words, we prioritise the voids we want to fill the most.

And we unconsciously seek out ways to fill these voids. Ways to fill this inner emptiness in our life.

When we fill these voids, or this inner emptiness in our life, then we are filled. We are fulfilled. This is where personal fulfilment derivers from.

So in order to obtain maximum personal fulfilment, we must fill our voids in accordance with the voids that are of most priority.

And because we are unconsciously seeking out ways to fill these voids in line with what is unconsciously of most priority, we therefore, have what I refer to as a set of unconscious internal priorities.

It is our highest unconscious internal priorities that we are seeking to full-fill the most. It is by filling these internal priorities the most, that we achieve the most personal fulfilment, and we become our authentic self.

It is these unconscious internal priorities that our unconscious is actively getting our executive centre of our brain to make manifest.

Our internal priorities are what activates most effectively the executive centre part of our brain.

And when it comes to the executive code, it is this channel between the unconscious and the executive centre in the brain that we want to maximise the most, as I referred to in earlier blogs.

Because each person’s life is unique to them, they have a unique set of internal priorities.

Even if you have twins growing up in the same home, experiencing the same life, they each will have a unique set of internal priorities. The reason being is that each sibling will have their own perceptions of different events and moments in their lives.

So while two people can observe and be part of the same moment or event, each of them will have a different perception of that same moment or event.

So a person’s internal priorities are unique to them. They are fingerprint specific. It is their authentic self.

And for many people that are unaware of what their personal internal priorities are, it can lead to them feeling a lack of fulfilment or meaning in their life. Or a sense that they’ve lost their mojo. That they can’t find their purpose or focus in life.

The reason being is that your unconscious is trying to fill these voids, and if the person is not working in line with their personal internal priorities, then these voids are not being filled. Therefore there is no fulfilment.

Your internal priorities are also your unconscious view of the world – they’re how you perceive and judge others, what you pursue in life, and how you make decisions.

They form your unconscious blueprint!

You authentic self blueprint.

Your unconscious patterns when it comes to your relationships, your finances, your business, your health – everything in your life.

So when we consciously know our internal priorities, and we mould our business or our career around our internal priorities two main things are happening.

We are filling our personal voids the most, and therefore we are achieving maximum person fulfilment.

And secondly, we are utilising our executive centre the most.

And remember what I said in earlier blogs, our executive centre is what gives us our results in a faster, easier and less costly way.

As a result of operating from our executive centre, we are more creative, more innovative and more objective.

So if we want to achieve anything in life, and we want to achieve it in the fastest, easiest and less costly way – then it needs to be in line with our personal internal priorities.

If we do this while keeping our life pendulum that I spoke about in the previous blog in equilibrium, we are then also in sync between our executive centre, our unconscious and the SuperConscious. This is where true alchemy lies. This is where true mastery lies.

Also when we are aligned with our internal priorities, we are aligned with our true selves. The true essence of who we are. Our authentic self.

This is one of the main reasons why so many people suffer from imposter syndrome. Because they are doing a business or a career that is not fully aligned to who they truly are. Their authentic self. Their inner voice, their gut feeling, their intuition, knows it to be false, to be out of alignment, and therefore they feel inwardly that they are a fraud. With that inner feeling of being a fraud, they will never achieve the levels of success that they desire, because they don’t want to be found out. And if they don’t want to be found out – then they’re not going to push themselves out there more into the world for fear that they will be caught and found out.

When our life pendulum is in equilibrium, this is when we are most integrated with our true selves, our true nature, our authentic self. It is when we are integrated with our true selves that we are operating with integrity. For me, integrity means when we are fully integrated.

We become our true authentic selves. Again for me, that is when we are operating authentically and where our true authentic leadership shines through. We’re no longer a facsimile, and expression of someone else, or a learnt expression, or a shadow of someone else – we are our true selves because we are in line and in equilibrium with our own unique self. That which is fingerprint specific to ourselves.

When I work with clients – the first thing I do is identify their personal internal priorities. Then we look at building their business or career around their internal priorities. Then we set about bringing them into equilibrium with their true selves.

When this is done, the results that they get are amazing. And apart from the personal fulfilment that they get, life becomes easier for them.

And a common question I get from clients is, well if everyone has a set of internal priorities that is unique to them, and therefore their staff have a different set of priorities, how do they get their staff to operate from their own internal priorities so that they too achieve greater results in the business?

And it’s easy!

When we identify the internal priorities of each person in the business, and align how the purpose or mission of the business is serving each individual’s internal priorities, then that’s when you have full staff alignment and engagement with the mission and purpose of the business.

When we align each individual in the business, to how the internal priorities of their colleagues are serving them and each other, then you have maximum staff cohesion and engagement.

So if our personal internal priorities are operating from an unconscious level, how do we become aware of them and bring them into our conscious mind to that we can build our business or career around them?

Well, we look for the evidence in our lives.

Through a whole series of questions and by drilling down on the answers, we’re able to find the evidence that is in our life of what our unconscious is trying to fill the most.

By using a specific set of questions we’re able to find the evidence that is in our lives both externally and internally.

Externally in terms of our environment, how we spend our time, how we spend our money, how we spend our energy, and how we communicate with others.

And also internally. Our thoughts, our dreams and aspirations, our internal energy and also our internal communication – that little voice inside our heads.

When we know our own unique set of unconscious internal priorities, and we build our business, our career, our life around them, then that’s when we are more motivated, more driven to achieve, more inspired to take action. That’s when we get maximum fulfilment in our life and we are expressing our true authentic selves. We are bringing ourselves, our executive centre, our unconscious and the SuperConscious more into alignment. We’re more creative, more innovative, and more objective. It’s our true inner leader. It’s when we become our own unique pioneer.

When it comes to challenges that show up in peoples lives like recessions, pandemics, redundancies, health issues, financial loss – whatever it is, when you’re operating in line with the executive code, having your executive centre in line with your unconscious, and inline the SuperConscious, then what you see are opportunities while others see failures. And while others see challenges, you see springboards to higher levels.

It’s what makes the difference between the person that struggles, or is doing good enough, versus the person that is doing great or is thriving.

Without doubt, finding out what your own unique set of personal internal priorities is, is one of the most important exercises that anyone can do in their life.

There is more about this on my website which you’ll find in the details of this blog description.

And on the next blog, I’ll talk about finding your own unique purpose.

Until then, I wish you every success.