Understanding Your Genius Drivers

Aristotle referred to the fact that each individual has an inner desire to fill what is empty in their life, i.e. we seek to make full what is empty.

These voids which are most empty, we will want to fulfil the most.

Therefore we unconsciously seek out ways to fill the inner emptiness in our life.

This is how personal fulfilment is achieved.

So the things that you unconsciously desire to fulfil the most in your life, will determine what your innate Genius Drivers are – what will motivate you the most to achieve your goals and objectives, and which will bring you the most personal fulfilment.

For many people that are unaware of what their personal Genius Drivers are, it can lead to them feeling a lack of fulfilment or meaning in their life. Or a sense that they’ve lost their mojo, purpose or focus.

So how you determine what will bring maximum personal fulfilment is by identifying your Genius Drivers.

Each person’s Genius Drivers are unique. They are fingerprint specific.

And your Genius Drivers are also what activates most effectively the executive centre of your brain.

The purpose of the executive centre part of your brain is to determine the fastest and easiest way to achieve your desired goals and objectives, with the least amount of resources.

As a result, you become more creative, innovative, objective and plan more effectively.

The executive centre is also a direct link to your unconscious mind, which is the seat of all possibilities.

So if you want to achieve your goals, build your business, increase your performance – faster, easier and with the least amount of resources – then you are best to operate from your executive centre.

How you do this most effectively is by identifying your Genius Drivers.