Understanding Your Personal Internal Priorities

Aristotle referred to the fact that each individual has an inner desire to fill what is empty in their life, i.e. we seek to make full what is empty.

These voids which are most empty, we will want to fulfil the most.

Therefore we unconsciously seek out ways to fill the inner emptiness in our life.

This is how personal fulfilment is achieved.

So the things that you unconsciously desire to fulfil the most in your life, will determine what your internal priorities are.

For many people that are unaware of what their personal internal priorities are, it can lead to them feeling a lack of fulfilment or meaning in their life. Or a sense that they’ve lost their mojo, purpose or focus.

So how we determine what will bring maximum personal fulfilment, is by identifying our internal priorities.

Each person’s internal priorities are unique. They are fingerprint specific.

And our internal priorities is also what activates most effectively the executive centre of our brain.

The purpose of the executive centre part of our brain is to determine the fastest, easiest and cheapest way (in terms of energy and resources) to achieve our desired goals and objectives.

As a result, we become more creative, innovative, objective and plan more effectively.

The executive centre is also a direct link to your unconscious mind, which is the seat of all possibilities.

So if you want to achieve your goals, build your business, increase your performance – faster, easier and cheaper – then you are best to operate from your executive centre.

How you do this most effectively is by identifying your internal priorities.

Your internal priorities also impact how you view the world, how you engage with others, and how you make decisions.

By knowing your own internal priorities, and those of people you interact with – your work colleagues, spouse/partner, family or customers – you significantly improve your relationships.

Also, each individual will make decisions and take action based on what they perceive will bring them more benefits than drawbacks, more positives than negatives.

So when it comes to staff motivation and engagement, each individual will be motivated by their own unique set of internal priorities.

That’s why when I’m working with businesses, I identify the internal priorities for each individual. I then link those internal priorities with their team members. And then I link them to the purpose and mission of the business.

This results in much higher staff engagement, staff retention and staff fulfilment.

There are so many applications – but it all starts with knowing your own internal priorities.

It’s one of the most important exercises you can do for yourself, your life, your relationships and your business/career.

I know first-hand the difference it has made for myself, my family, my clients, and their businesses.

So please reach out to me if you would like to discuss this more.


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