Do you ask for referrals?

If so, you may be making the mistake most business owners make when they do.

“If you know somebody who is looking for X, it’d be great if you could mention my name to them”

Sound familiar?

The problem with this approach is that it’s too generic and it’s hard for your client to think of somebody in particular on the spot. And the moment you walk out the door, they forget about your request altogether.

What you need to do instead is to get them to think of specific people.

Here’s how to gently lead your client so you can get to specific names. Ask the following questions (but adapt them to your own style):

  1. How long have you run your business?
  2. I suppose over the years you’ve met a number of (your target market)?
  3. Maybe they could benefit from my help too, would you mind if I contacted a few of them?
  4. Could you share a few names with me?
  5. To make it easier for people to take my call, could I use your name?

The best way of getting to know other potential clients is by asking your existing clients for referrals. They already know, like and trust you.

I’m often surprised by the fact that many professionals shy away from asking their clients for referrals.

Do you ask for referrals yourself?


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